Mechanically Self-Aligning and Locking
Data Connections
Fluid Transfer
Sensor Feedback on Structural Integrity
Enduralock is happy to share that we have been working on a mechanical, electrical, and fluid connector for ISAM (In-Space Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing). It will offer mechanical misalignment error correction for autonomous RPO (Rendezvous and Proximity Operations) docking.

Docking Mechanism Design Specifications

Current Configuration: 10cm X 10cm X 15cm (Design Goal: 1U- 10cm X 10cm X 10cm)
Electrical Interfaces: Type of signal – Ethernet (faster) or Micro-USB protocol – Number of ports for power transfer: 4
Active-2 Spares-2: Number of ports for data transfer- 16
Active-8 Spares-8: Additional contact ports available- 4 – Power required: 12-30 VDC
Permissible Radial Misalignment: +/- 4 mm axially (estimated)
Permissible Yaw Misalignment: +/- 5 degree (estimated)
Permissible Roll Misalignment: +/- 4 degree (between electrical contacts) (estimated)
Mass of Satellite A Connector: 3.75 lb. (estimated) (excludes mass of actuators)
Mass of Satellite B Connector: 2.20 lb. (estimated) (excludes mass of actuators)
Maximum Permissible Tensile Load between the ball and groove: 1100 lb. (estimated)
Maximum Permissible Compressive Load between the ball and groove: 2100 lb. (estimated
Maximum Static Bending Load on axial plane (male cone): 3000 lb.
Maximum Torsional Load: 825 lb.-in (for two pins) (estimated)
Axial Separation Force (Spring Loaded): 80 lb. (estimated)
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