Five years ago, Dr. Harold Hess, CEO and Founder of Enduralock, spent his days helping his patients. As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Hess devoted his career to performing cutting-edge procedures, and he specialized in implanting interspinous process devices. Becoming frustrated with the long surgery and recovery times his patients underwent, he began to actively explore a more efficient way to achieve the same patient results. For that reason, he developed an interspinous-interlaminar fusion device, which incorporates a proprietary locking mechanism. This locking mechanism allowed the device to survive 5 million cycles of compression and 5 million cycles of torque without signs of loosening. The device has FDA approval and a CE Mark and is now being implanted across the US and Europe.  Seeing the revolutionary results of the medical device, he wondered where else this locking mechanism could be useful. He realized the infinite potential, and Enduralock was born. A nut and bolt are simple things, but we forget that our lives often depend on a nut remaining attached to a bolt. More than likely if you are reading this, the chair you’re sitting on depends on a nut remaining attached to a bolt. The car you drove to work has tires which depend on a nut remaining attached to a bolt. An airplane engine, a tank tread, armor…the examples are limitless! As a physician, Dr. Hess was committed to saving the lives of his patients. Now as an entrepreneur, he is committed to saving the lives of everyone. We sincerely hope you will join Enduralock on that quest.

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