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Industry Application


We have been awarded two Air Force Phase I SBIR contracts and we are currently under four Air Force Phase II SBIR contracts. Our products ensure safety and reliability in the harshest of environments. Allowing for faster turnaround and reduced maintenance time, they are ideal for in-space assembly and maintenance, replacement of safety wire, and ground vehicle applications, such as attachment of armor plates, attachment of tread, and ground vehicle suspension systems


We were recently awarded a Space Force Phase I STTR. We were a 2019 NASA iTech winner and three of our space challenge solutions were final selectees in AFWERX’s EngageSpace 2020. A future robust space economy with modular architectures dependent on in-orbit manufacturing makes our revolutionary fastening technology ideal.


We have published five National Aerospace Standards (NAS9936, NAS9937, NAS9938, NAS9940 and NAS9942) Planned aircraft applications include landing gear, engines, wing flaps, paneling, replacement of safety wire and castle nuts, and replacement of current nut plate technologies.

Oil & Gas

Enduralock is currently supplying our technology to the oil and gas industry for 17,000psi locking gas fittings for off-shore well completions. We offer the first mechanically locking, high vibration resistant API bolts for pipelines and refineries, which reduce the chance of oil spillage from fastener loosening due to daily cyclical thermal expansion and contraction of the bolts.

Panel Fastening System

A panel fastening system is only as good as the ease of installation, maintenance and quality of product. Our self aligning nut plate is a leap beyond existing systems.

Nut Plate


Enduralock is proud to announce the publication of its National Aerospace Standards for the self-aligning nut plate technology . Click on NAS9938.

Fastening Systems

Tidal Lock

The Tidal Lock exceeds the vibration requirements of NAS 1312-7 by 10X (tested to 300,000 cycles). With components that are stamped and forged. This product is recommended for applications where price is the top priority and weight is secondary. 

Silver Lock

The Silver Lock far exceeds all aerospace performance and quality requirements. It surpassed the vibration requirements of NAS 1312-7 by 10X (tested to 300,000 cycles). The Silver Lock is a stamped fastener that is recommended when the footprint on the nut’s side is limited

Radial Lock

The Radial Lock is a robust design that is recommended for extreme and critical applications. It exceeds NAS 1312-7 requirements by 10X and has been tested to 1 million cycles (per customer request). With an extended lifetime and through advanced manufacturing methods, it is our premium machined

For National Aerospace Standards, specifically related to the Radial Lock Fastener, click on NAS9942 & NAS9937

Threaded Bolts

Tidal Lock

Silver Lock

Radial Lock

Frequently asked questions

A: Vibration and tensile test reports are available, upon request.

A: Please submit your detailed RFQ (including all required specifications and quantities) to our Sales Department.

A: No special tooling is required. Our fasteners can be installed and removed using a standard 6-point (hexagonal) socket.

A: Our fasteners are available in commonly used materials, such as Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Nickel based (Inconel) and Titanium Alloys. Custom and exotic materials may be used, upon request.

A:  We utilize contract manufacturers. Our vendors are fully vetted and comply with the requirements of our AS9100D quality system.

A: Yes. We can apply most industry standard metal coatings. Custom coatings/finishes are available, upon request.

A: A variety of standard and metric thread sizes and grip sizes are available (both – coarse and fine threads). Custom sizes are available, upon request. Please contact our Engineering Department for details.

A: Lead times are subject to the specific requirements and complexity of the request. Please contact our Sales Department for further information.

A: Yes. Our technology can be adapted to any mechanical system where high vibration resistance and reusability are required. Please contact our Engineering Department for details.

A: Yes. Please contact our Sales Department for product flyers and animations.

A: Yes. Our fasteners meet the load requirements of conventional fasteners, and they exceed the aerospace industry vibration resistance requirement by 10 times (tested to 300,000 cycles without failure).

A: Our fasteners can be re-installed with required torque (pre-load) numerous times. Please contact our Engineering Department for details.

A: Yes. A secondary locking feature can be built into the female threads of our internally threaded components, upon request. Please contact our Engineering Department for details.

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