Enduralock is the premier leader and fabricator of vibration resistant technology in the fastener industry    
It's more than a bolt and a nut...

The leader in vibration resistant technology.

It’s easy to overlook the things that connect our lives: the mundane things, the unheralded things, and in our case – fasteners. Just take a look around. Fasteners are everywhere. The Enduralock fastener reimagines something old, creates something new, and changes an entire industry. When is a nut and bolt more than just a nut and bolt? When your life depends on it

NASA iTech 2019 CYCLE 1 Winner

"Space technology touches and enhances practically every aspect of life on Earth. Much of what improves our lives — think healthcare, communications, travel, recreation, entertainment — benefits directly from technology originally developed for space exploration. Technologies developed to get us "out there" come home to improve life on Earth."

Our Fastener Technology

Permanent lock

Standard Tool

Reversible & Reusable

Our portfolio of advanced fastening technologies are reshaping the fastener landscape. Our products are engineered with the you in mind. Enduralock fasteners are highly vibration resistant and provide a permanent lock, yet they are fully reversible and reusable with standard tooling. These four key factors allow for accurate pre-load, risk mitigation and reduction in time and cost of maintenance.


Innovation and creativity is what fuels America. It's what fuels us.

Innovation succeeds when you tackle a hard problem with a simple solution. Our approach was inspired by one of the most active, stressed and vibration prone systems on our planet: the human spine.

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Industry Application

Oil & Gas

Enduralock is currently supplying our technology to the oil and gas industry for 20,000psi locking gas fittings for off-shore well completions. We offer the first mechanically locking, high vibration resistant API bolts for pipelines and refineries, which reduce the chance of oil spillage from fastener loosening due to daily cyclical thermal expansion and contraction of the bolts.


We were a 2019 NASA iTech winner. Three of our space challenge solutions were selected for AFWERX EngageSpace 2020. A future robust space economy with modular architectures dependent on in-orbit manufacturing makes our revolutionary fastening technology ideal.


Our first two National Aerospace Standards (NAS 9936 & NAS 9937) have been published. Planned aerospace applications include: landing gear, engines, wing flaps, paneling, replacement of safety wire and castle nuts, and replacement of current nut plate technologies.


Our products ensure safety and reliability in the harshest of environments. Allowing for faster turnaround and reduced maintenance time, they are ideal for ground vehicle applications, including attachment of armor plates, attachment of tread, and ground vehicle suspension systems.

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