Enduralock is the premier leader of vibration resistant fasteners and satellite integration solutions.   

$1.8 Million TACFI Awarded

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded a $1.8 million Tactical Add-On Funding Increase Contract in conjunction with the United States Air Force. With this funding, we will continue our efforts in the development of our End-Effector for robotic installation of our miniaturized Silver Lock Fastener for in-space assembly and missile applications.

The leader in vibration resistant technology.

It’s easy to overlook the things that connect our lives: the mundane things, the unheralded things, and in our case – fasteners. Just take a look around. Fasteners are everywhere. The Enduralock fastener reimagines something old, creates something new, and changes an entire industry. When is a nut and bolt more than just a nut and bolt? When your life depends on it
Originally funded through a Space Force STTR, Enduralock is happy to share that we have been working on a mechanical, electrical, and fluid connector for ISAM (In-Space Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing). It will offer mechanical misalignment error correction for autonomous RPO (Rendezvous and Proximity Operations) docking.

Our Fastener Technology

Permanent Lock

Standard Tool



Enduralock's end effector provides for a positively locking fastener attachment to assemble structures in space

Our portfolio of advanced fastening technologies are reshaping the fastener landscape. Our products are engineered with the you in mind. Enduralock fasteners are highly vibration resistant and provide a permanent lock, yet they are fully reversible and reusable with standard tooling. These four key factors allow for accurate pre-load, risk mitigation and reduction in time and cost of maintenance.

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